gridironsts1.jpgTwo things surprised me about The Gridiron Gang. 1 – that someone could make a movie about football that I didn’t like and 2 – that I would feel ripped off watching a free bootleg. This film was pretty much the pits.

I felt a little leary about it when I saw the previews despite the fact that I am a huge fan of The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and football movies in general. So why the doubt? I am not sure, I even like “hood” movies.

Turns out my reservations were well founded as about 20 minutes into the film I fell asleep. I tried again a day later and found myself wanting to be doing anything but watching this movie. The writing was horrible and frankly, The Rock needs to be beating the crap out of someone or his shortcomings as an actor shine like a beacon.

I wouldn’t even waste money on a rental with this one.

RATING 5 out of 10