…. but I am getting sick of the NFL. Sure, you all know that I have sworn off the Dallas Cowboys until they get rid of Terrell Owens, but I think the division has gone much further.

For one, all the high school football I see in doing the Lone Star Gridiron podcast certainly fills any jones I have to watch the sport. But more importantly, it is MUCH BETTER football. These kids play their hearts out – not for a multi-million dollar payday – not for endorsements – not for crack – not for whores – for a love of the game. And you know what? They play a heck of a lot harder.

The final straw has been the last two weeks. All I wanted to do was watch The Amazing Race. To me, it is the most interesting of all the reality shows. So what do I do? I set my TiVo. Well, thanks to the NFL, I have missed half of the show for two weeks straight. When a football game runs long, they don’t preempt it, they push back everything else. When 60 Minutes has to start late, they don’t cut out commercials to catch up… the just start The Amazing Race late. I assume they catch up in the middle of the night during the infomercials. The problem is that TiVo records based on time so however long the NFL runs is how much of the race I miss. The worst part is that it is the end of each show.

This is the first season since I can remember that I haven’t watched professional football and not only do I not miss it, but I really am starting to hate the NFL.