… you know the one – sans head. That is what my weekend is shaping up to be like. It began with a riveting football game last night with Lone Star Gridiron cohost, Mike Wright, and things don’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.

I am in the preliminary stages of putting together this weeks PMC Top10 in the few remaining minutes I have before heading out for an all-day video shoot. (All night too.) I am trying to fit it in as best I can because I also have a shoot Sunday morning. That is my normal PMC time, but things are just too tight this time around.

You would think it would slow down a bit after that, but no sleep for the weary. I also have to put together a “Greatest Bonus Tracks” retrospective show for next weeks PMC Top10 because I will be in San Miguel de Allende and unable to do the regular show. Monday will be wall-to-wall meetings with programmers, bankers, designers, ad agencies, podcasters, etc. Oh and somehow I have to get all that finished before an early Tuesday morning flight.

Am I complaining? Well, maybe just a little – but it is under this kind of pressure that I actually perform best. You can “bet your bippy” though, that when I hit my travel destination, I am going to kick back for at least a few hours. Then it starts all over again… just in a different language. 🙂