It is no coincidence that Roger Miller makes up the bulk of my “Lyrically speaking…” posts – he simply has the best lyrics. I have here another example of his genius.

“If you’re buildin’ fences, then I ain’t for hire.
You get me for nothing, and I’ll bring the wire.

You patch up my windows, I’ll plumb up your doors.
If you’ll scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Its the Code of the West, you must honor your neighbor
The Code of the West, to your own self be true.

The Code of the West, you must do unto others.
Do unto others before them mothers do it unto you.”

There is a ton of wisdom in the words of Roger Miller. Hidden in the humor and funny noises you find gems like “you must honor your neighbor.” How many of our problems would be solved if this simple thought were put into action?