Save the Internet: Click hereFinally, someone has laid it out in plain English. The issue of Net Neutrality was spelled out beautifully by Bill Moyers on PBS last night. If you get a chance to bit torrent, rip, cajole, or steal this show* – WATCH IT! Not only does it explain what the folks at Save the Internet have been on about, it also gives an overview of the problems with media consolidation.

In my opinion, this issue is second only to cleaning up our environment in importance. The Internet is the ONLY place where free speech is flourishing. If the cable and phone companies are allowed to create their multi-tiered system, it is not a stretch to assume that they will squelch opinions that disagree with their own, and more importantly, the people whose campaigns they supported to get the legislation passed. Do not be mistaken – this is a NOT a Republican versus Democrat thing… it was Clinton that signed into law two of the most aggregious pieces of legislation weakening the fair playing field created way back in the 30s.

In fact, both the Christian Coalition AND agree that we need to reinstate Net Neutrality laws!! EVERY thinking American should agree and let their elected officials know their thoughts.

* – you can click on the Bill Moyers link to watch it online if you are not into all that chacanery