I have done it. I just couldn’t take it anymore… way too much wasted time watching television. I cancelled my satellite service – DirecTV.

Yeah, I know it sounds drastic, but it really was time.

Not only was I wasting too much time watching television, it really wasn’t even stuff I wanted to watch. Sure, I dig Battlestar Galactica, but really thats about it. It really wasn’t worth 50 bucks a month just for one show when I can buy the season for $30 on iTunes.

Its not like I don’t have tons of other entertainment options… I have an Xbox 360, I have tons of DVDs, heck, I even have access to shows via places like iTunes and (ahem) friends… and that doesn’t even count the video podcasts and tons of internet sites offering video options.

I planned to kill satellite back in May, but they kept making me better and better offers until I agreed to stay.

One of the reasons I finally turned it off? I listened to the song that I referenced below and decided that if I was in fact, dying right now – the last thing I would do is watch TV.