coallover.jpgA teen (Adam) sits on the floor of a messy room saying, “So my room can get a little dirty – but at least my environments getting a little cleaner…” and then he goes on to talk about how coal emissions are down and that coal is the energy source of the future. More greenwashing from one of the most polluted industries on the planet. It is one of a series of spots in which young “environmentalists” point you to – a PR project created by Americans for Balance Energy Choices. What do you want to bet that it is funded by the coal industry. I know – nobody would take that bet.

Does this work on people? You tell me. Does it make you say, “okay solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal energy may not pollute, but hey – coal is getting cleaner.” Hey coal companies – try taking a few of the millions you are spending on this greenwashing campaign and invest in some of these clean technologies. Instead of trying to keep Americans confused and living in the past, why not try to lead the way to the future.