The pilot episode of Friday Night Lights is over and all I can say is “Wow!” This is really good television.
I have to admit that I went into it assuming it wasn’t going to live up to the book or the film. From the previews and the promotional photos, it looked like it was going to be a takeoff on the OC or 90210 or something like that set in Texas. I assumed it would have a little bit of football to keep the guys happy, and a whole lot of teenage relationship stuff… boy was I wrong!

The pilot has setup the series to be even better than the movie. The acting was great, the action intense, and the writing superb. Peter Berg has actually outdone himself in bringing to the screen what Texas high school football is all about. Watch the pilot and you will see why I am so passionate about doing the Lone Star Gridiron podcast. This one will stay on the TiVo season pass.