choochome-006.jpgWell, Choochie is once again back home (and a very nice home it is.) His owner called me a few minutes ago and after vacilating between “keep the dog” and “I really love Choochie” about a dozen times, she gave me directions to bring Chooch home. She made sure to tell me that “I can tell that you love the dog and if you want to keep him or if you are sure you found a great home, call me and I will let you have him.”

That tune changed a bit when I walked in her front door with an excited Choochie. Both were very glad to see each other, although Chooch ran out of the house and followed me as I was leaving. He even jumped in the car as I opened the door. His owner was like, “aw, he really wants to go with you.” I carried him back to her and went home.

For the record, I found out he is four years old and a purebred Toy Poodle… which is much more evident after I gave him a haircut and trimmed his nails. Also, for the record, Choochie’s owners are interested in placing him in a good home.