phonebookstack1.jpgBack when Steve Martin exclaimed it in The Jerk, the arrival of new phone books was a big deal. Now, it is simply a nuisance. When was the last time you used a phone book? It has been at least a decade since I opened one – yellow, white, or otherwise. The internet is SOOO much better. In fact, about six years ago I went through my house and threw them all out. Between the various editions and having one or more duplicates, I tossed nearly 15 of these tree tombstones.

So what greets me this morning when I walk Lou? Yeah, another phone book… another dead tree… in a petroleum-based plastic bag no less. Environment aside – what I want to know is “why is it okay for them to litter this stuff all over the place when I would get in trouble, if I went around dropping crap on everyone’s doorstep?”