I finally got to see Who Killed the Electric Car and it was just what I expected. I expected an expose on the history of the electric car and how it was systematically removed from the landscape of automobile options. I expected a plea for a return to sanity in this Hummer/Escalade/Excursion-filled world. I expected common sense. What I didn’t expect was so much proof.

73565-W3.jpgProof that GM wanted the electric car to fail. Proof that conservative government officials wanted California’s clean air laws to be wiped out. Proof that GM bought technologies allowing for long-distance, speedy electric cars and shelved them away. Proof that Chevron bought up inventions that would threaten our oil-addicted culture. Proof that the head of the California Air Resources Board sold his vote to a consortium of auto manufacturers in exchange for a consulting gig for a non-viable hydrogen thinktank. I am talking PROOF here! Not wild speculation. Not conspiracy theories. Proof that indeed Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and the oil companies have conspired to keep you addicted to oil at the expense of your health and your money.

This type of information may be scary to those of you who would prefer to not know, but as investigative journalism has long ago died , films like these provide the only sanity. Right or wrong, documentaries like these are the last hope of a free press. I am not saying that you should disbelieve everything you hear on FOX or CNN… I am saying you should take in as much information as possible and make up your own mind.

RATING 9 out of 10