Yeah, waking up in the middle of the Mexican wilderness was great. The temperature this morning was about 45 and the sunrise was brilliant. Last night we went to the town square and ate a great burger from a street vendor. I know, everyone has warned me against it, but I have also heard that things are much better here than in the border towns – plus I have a cast iron stomach. (Cross your fingers that Montezuma doesn’t show up wanting some sort of revenge.)

My gracious host Fen (right) with her daughter, EJ’s mom – Holly.
I have really enjoyed hanging out with Fen and the entire family, her house is amazing (all solar and self-sufficient) and she has an air of class about her while at the same time, maintaining a real earthiness.

EJ saying good morning to Otto at the guest house where we are staying.
I am really digging the whole area and promise to upload a bunch of pictures to my Flickr account – I have taken hundreds already of the buildings, the city, the people, the wilderness, everything.

I also have some soundseeing audio and local music so if my server stays running back in Houston and I can continue posting, look for that soon.

My flikr pics