In just a matter of hours, I will be touching down in Houston after a week in San Miguel de Allende. I had a great time and took a ton of pictures, but none of them can do justice to the coolness of this area of the world. My high school Spanish came in very handy as within a couple days I was communicating better than some of my gringo hosts who have been here for months.

The people are friendly, the sights are amazing, the food is great and not once was I visited by Senor Montezuma despite eating regularly at the roadside stands. As I type this, there is a tiny finch outside the casita window literally looking me in the eye from less than 12 inches away. The rabbits are so numerous that you almost have to watch where you walk to avoid them. The flora comes in every shape and size including prickly pear cactus that stand 20 feet high with a woody bark similar to an oak tree.

I want to thank Dave, Mindy, and Tony for holding down the homefront, taking care of mail, computers, Nardo and Lou and I want to thank my hosts EJ and Fen for putting me up and showing me a good time.

Louper, daddy will be there soon! 🙂