I have unofficially sworn off soft drinks. I never really sat down and said, “I am no longer drinking…” but just quit buying sodas to bring home. As phase one of the “change” I decided it was okay to get an occasional Coke or Dr. Pepper when eating at a restaurant, but just wasn’t going to sit around drinking them all day at work or in the evenings at the house.

grapesd.jpgAfter a few nights of craving my carbonated sugar water, I gave in tonight. Nope, I didn’t go out and buy a twelve-pack and then slam 8 in one sitting. I drank a generic grape soda that has been in my fridge for about six months. I am not a big fan of grape soda (the purple fuzz just sorta freaks me out) but I had them leftover from some outing or another and figured that some guest would eventually drink them.

Well they didn’t and I have begun. Hey, I’m not proud… it didn’t even taste that good. In fact, I only took a couple of drinks… you know – just enough to get the sugar rush and stop my jonesin’. It wasn’t even good grape soda… we’re not talking Nehi or Welch’s here… we’re talking uber-cruddy Wal-Mart Stars & Stripes brand…uggh.