Jesus-Camp1.jpgJesus Camp is a documentary about an Evangelical Christian youth camp. It is a disturbing look at how these children are being endoctrinated to march in lockstep with the fundamentalist beliefs.

Hey, I am all for freedom of religion and wholeheartedly agree with a parent’s right to teach their children right from wrong. This to me appears to be more akin to brainwashing than education. I also understand that when telling a story in a documentary, it is VERY easy to make things appear to be totally unlike reality – hence the success of reality TV. The filmmakers did a good job of making their point and scaring the beejeebers out of the non-Evangelical audience. I do think however that the great questions of our time should not even be broached with a child until they are old enough to apply reason. These kids should be worried about things like playing ball, chasing butterflies and skipping rocks… putting this kind of fear and emotion into their heads at such an early age is the real crime.

RATING 7 out of 10