Well, as I mentioned in my podcast, I am staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations. The property is two towers of timeshare condos. Apparently if you wanted to purchase an entire year here, it would run you around $3 million. It is certainly luxurious, but for that kind of money, you just knew I would be able to find some problems.

1 – the parking is not nearly adequate enough to handle a full house and because of the New Year’s celebration, the place is packed. When you leave the parking lot in the morning, you may as well stay gone until around noon as there will be no spots until people start waking up and hitting the strip.

2 – they charge for everything. A printout in the business center costs a buck a page. A local phone call, a buck each. A piece of tinfoil… you guessed it – another buck. When you are charging the amounts you are for the rooms, you think something would be complimentary.

3 – a little hot water would be nice. Again, for the price… a warm shower on a cold morning shouldn’t be too much to ask. I guess because the building is new, they are still working out the kinks – but hot water? That’s a no-brainer.

Overall, it is a pretty nice place and I am enjoying my stay… but when Paris’ daddy puts such a high price tag on his properties… its okay to get a little nit-picky.