Once again, I have taken to the road in an attempt to travel to the far ends of the earth… okay, well at least the continent. 8 days in Las Vegas began with 2 days of driving. Tony and I set out 8AM on Christmas morning.

1ride0134.JPG 2ride0165.JPG
1 – Go West Young Man!!
2 – Out in West Texas, I saw the first 80mph speed limit sign I have ever seen.

3 – Of course, when travelling with dogs, rest areas are a welcome break for their little bladders.

4ride0145.JPG 5ride018ds5.JPG
4 – In no time at all, we were zipping along again at 90.
4 – Day one came to an end overlooking the US/Mexico border in a hotel room in El Paso.

The first day was very interesting from a geological and sociological standpoint. Texas continues to amaze me with the wide range of terrains and even climates. From the hill country around San Antonio to the high desert in deep West Texas – we have seen quite a bit of it on this trip.

The stop in El Paso was pretty cool. I was actually surprised to see that there is casino gambling in the city of El Paso. We are not talking a party boat in the gulf or even across the border into Mexico. There was a casino (with an excellent buffet) just a few blocks from the hotel. I plan to record some audio in there on the return trip.