The pic is of Zach Gilford who plays the awkward backup quarterback thrust into the starting position after the blue chip star QB goes down with a spinal injury. He is just one of the compelling characters that makes up this amazing ensemble cast… he just happens to be my favorite.

If you are not watching Friday Night Lights – you are missing out. You are missing out on the best drama in television… and I don’t say that lightly. I went into this absolutely hating network television and assuming that FNL would be just the O.C. set in Texas… boy was I wrong.

The characters are compelling. The acting is great. The script is light years ahead of the network competition… plus, it has some football. I think the football angle may hurt its appeal to the mainstream because people think of it as a football show… it is far from – in fact, the series sometimes goes an episode or two without any football games. When they do use game segments, it is only to further the story and done in such a way as to make even a non fan enjoy.

Oh, and if you are like me and hate to start in the middle of a show… or maybe you missed a couple episodes… have no fear. NBC has done something amazing that I am sure other networks will be following very soon – the have made the entire season available for viewing online for FREE!! Check out the entire FNL season here!

by Chris Doelle

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