vegasgligger.jpgThat’s right – I am hitting the road once again. I thought I was going to hang at the house for the next month, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. The respite from the road was short-lived as on Christmas day I will be heading to the “Jewel of the Desert” – the one and only “Lost Wages, Nevada.”

As seems to be very common these days, another “on the cheap” opportunity came up. My friends Tony and Julie have a luxurious Hilton suite for 8 days and have invited me and Lou along – good times. I will, of course, be podcasting all along the way so if you like to get your virtual travel on… I will do my best to put out regular shows.

Geez… let me see… I have been logging some serious miles recently.

November – Atlanta, North Carolina, Savannah, New Orleans, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
December – Las Vegas (so far)

In advance I want to thank Dave and Mindy for their assistance in holding down the fort and taking care of things like Nardo and the mail.