In my “Who the heck cares?” category, we have two major non-stories.

1 – Who the heck cares who the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby is?

Is that really going to help pay your mortgage, improve your health, help you sleep at night, or in any way enrich your life? Lemme sum it up for you – one gold-digging jezebel slept with another gold-digging loser, and is being take advantage of by another gold-digging slimeball. Assign the titles to any of the three as it doesn’t matter.

2 – Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People. Since when do we care about who this hack thinks is fascinating?
Since 1993 she has been trying to convince the world that her opinion of who is fascinating is any better than her interviewing skills. The list is not made of the most fascinating people, but of people that agreed to do an interview with her… either prompted by their publicists or by Walters and her staff. I have nothing but respect for Andre Agassi but if you asked a thousand people about the people the find most fascinating, do you really think he would be in the top 10? And have you looked at the rest of that list? I am sure Anna Wintour is on your list… right? PUH-LEASE!!!