I ate at Wolfgang Puck’s the other day with Tony and BOY, was I disappointed. You walk into the place and it looks nice. I immediately assumed that it was going to be a very nice meal as the environment was certainly inviting. Once you glance behind the veneer a bit however, it was a big letdown.

The seating looked a lot better than it felt as it was pretty stark and uncomfortable. The pricing was certainly in line with my expectations as it was much more costly than fast food and not as much as a high-end restaurant. The value, on the other hand, was horrible.

WP’s delivers food that is barely above fast food for a price that is way out of line with the quality. I had a chicken and garlic mashed potato meal and was shocked. The chicken as Boston Market is MUCH better, but the real crime was the mashed potatoes – they were made from instant freaking FLAKES! Uggghh.

This is easily the worst example of style over substance in the dining world.


And no – even though I met Wolfgang a few months back, I was not starstruck enough to let this culinary crime pass.