After running errands and seeing just how beautiful the day was, I had to take advantage of it. I thought about going to play that disc golf I’ve been talking about for awhile, but after swinging by the house to drop off a deposit slip and some receipts, Lou gave me a better idea.

He danced around on his hind legs excitedly sensing that this was going to be a quick stop. He followed inches behind me, tapping his front paws against the back of my legs as I walked. Turning to see what had gotten him more excited than usual, I could see it in his face. He was saying, “Hey, bud… I can tell you’re about to head out again into this splendid sunny day… I have a better idea. Let’s you and me head to the park for some quality time.” In other words, “PLEEEEEEEEAASE don’t leave me here alone again.”

Spurred on by the rather verbose non-verbal communication, I grabbed his leash and we headed to Bear Creek Park (like 2 miles from the house.)

First stop was up on a picnic table to survey his options.

Next, Lou took a few minutes to watch the frogs and such.

When at the park, his favorite thing is to climb up in the baseball announcers booth. (He’s a natural climber of trees, attic ladders, and announcer booths.)

The “boys of summer” weren’t playing… but Lou certainly enjoys the view from the box.