The first rays of sunshine in what seems like months broke through the grayness today and by noon the skies were a perfect blue with barely a cloud. What do you do with the first day of sunshine? You shoot B-roll footage of course.

A client has been asking for some footage from Houston landmarks for a couple weeks and we just haven’t had any good shooting days. I had planned on kicking back a bit today, but after I put the wraps on the latest Pod Music Countdown, I simply had to strike while the iron was hot and shoot the footage.


EJ agreed to come along and we got a bunch of really good shots. We started with the Houston skyline from Memorial and from Allen Parkway, headed into downtown itself for some Metrorail photos and a bunch of skyscraper footage. I still have a few more shots I want to get before I send the roll off to the client, but I think it is a good start.

I almost blew the whole thing off and went to play some disc golf, but I am glad to have gotten the stuff in the can… there will be plenty of days for working on my disc golf handicap.