I never found the rest of the gang from the Active Dogs Meetup group, but it didn’t really matter to Lou. We went to the Millie Bush Bark Park this morning and despite the biting cold wind, there were a bunch of doggies and their humans.

We walked around the big park for several laps looking for the group members, but couldn’t find any.

After getting clearance from big dog security…
Lou headed to check out his friends of smaller stature in the small dog area.

In the small dog area, Lou spent about an hour chasing a fog of Boston Terriers…
it was great exercise and he ran long after he stopped being a threat to catch them.

It wasn’t long before the draw of the big dog area pulled him back in…
In all, we did about two hours before Lou started leaning on me – his sign that he is ready to go.

Right now, Lou is fast asleep, curled up in his bed under my desk.