Fans at Reliant Stadium were treated to some amazing motorized acrobatics Saturday when the IFMA Freestyle Motocross competition rolled into town. Onhand were last year’s champion Beau Bamburg, local hero and X-Games Gold Medal Winner, Chuck Carothers, plus a bevy of big names in FMX – Jake Windham, Kyle Nowak, Jim McNeil, the Rowe Brothers and many more.

Jim McNeil

Billy Walls

Gabriel Villegas

Derek Burlew

Chuck Carothers won “the Whip” competition with a wicked upside down whip. In the doubles, it was Beau Bamburg and Jim McNeil taking the win. In the finals t was Jim McNeil taking the overall with an amazing 94.9 run that included two back flips in a row, one of them with a superman seat-grab!

Jim McNeil 94.9
Dustin Miller 92.5
Chuck Carothers 92.3
Dustin Nowak 92.1
Brian Foster 91.8
Beau Bamburg 91.0

From the floor of Reliant Stadium…
Dave and I covered the event for This Week in Houston. Check out those sweet MEDIA vests we wore. All of the photos (nearly 60) are available on my Flick page.