Yeah, the intense thunderstorms didn’t stop me. Despite 15 straight hours of driving through the rain, including 3 of those in a fierce downpour that slowed traffic to 30 mph, Lou and I arrived home safe and sound around 11 pm.

The rain let up for about 15 minutes in Ft. Stockton and we took the opportunity to do the doggie-relief thing.

As “good times…” is one of my favorite sayings, Tony pointed out the name of the bar across the street.

One of the last stops before we made it home and as usual, Lou and I are waiting on Tony.

Well, I feel fortunate in that we survived dust storms in New Mexico, 65mph winds in Nevada, snow in El Paso and torrential downpours in Texas. All in all, it was a fun trip, but after 3,000 miles, countless hours of walking up and down the Vegas strip as well as the streets of Juarez, Mexico, and waaay too much bad roadside food, it is good to be home.