Img226042117.jpgGeez… I spend a week with a couple of hypochondriacs that are afraid of their shadow because it may have germs. They mix cocktails of the most horrible looking stuff to ward off “bugs”, they wipe down the toilet seat with cleanser and towels before every use, they wash their hands every ten minutes, and STILL they spend the whole week coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and medicating. After all that – I wake up this morning with a sore throat!

Now, I rarely get sick, but I do tend to get one of these “lose-your-voice” sore throats every other year or so. I tend to believe it is because I am not germophobic and welcome the opportunities to build my immune system. I am not sure anyone could spend a week with two of these Typhoid Marys and not catch something – but the good news is that I will kick this thing in a couple days and they will go on weakening their defenses, fearing dirty spoons, and generally feeling bad all the time.