bushiraqnewplan.jpgSo the new plan is to have 21,000 new troops, a BOATLOAD of new money, and a grid system of dividing up Baghdad… THAT’s the solution to the Iraq War? I’m just not seeing it.

I am assuming that the bad guys are smart enough to move their operations a couple miles down the road. Then do we add another 20,000 troops for the next town? Seriously, nobody can think this is going to work.

If you want to win a war militarily, you need to wipe out the enemy. Kill the opposition and put your guys in power. War itself is one of the stupidest things ever created by man. The whole idea of fighting a civilized war is retarded. Not only is it the mother of all oxymorons, but it is an affront to decency.

Kill your enemy and get it over with or get the heck out of dodge. Anything in between is a waste of money, a waste of human lives, and like I said… retarded.