Here are the candidates that have officially stated they will be running for President in 2008. There are several others that will for sure be in the running, but just haven’t filed their papers yet.

* Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
* Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina
* Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska
* Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
* Former Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa
* Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
* Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York

* Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
* John H. Cox of Illinois
* Michael Charles Smith of Oregon

* Steve Kubby of California
* George Phillies of Massachusetts
* Christine Smith of Colorado

So what do I think of the lineup? Hmmm… I only see one I would vote for right now… and for the first time in my life, it is a Democrat. Nope not Ms. Coattails, Hillary… John Edwards. Not only does he “get it” when it comes to podcasts (he has been podcasting for over a year now) but he seems to understand that old world politics as usual will no longer work. Am I deluded enough to think that any of these candidates will be GREAT for America? Nope.

Although John McCain hasn’t officially filed, chances are he will be in the running for the Republicans. In the past, he would have been the clear choice, but he lost a lot of credibility over the past eight years by going with the flow and leaving his ideals on the campaign trail. To my eyes, he became a lapdog for the Bush administration.

I will most likely continue my streak of the past 16 years and vote for an Independent (assuming someone decent steps up and runs.)