Every morning, Lou and I walk down a paved trail that runs in the greenbelt between the rows and rows of houses in my neighborhood. During the year, we see a couple of regulars: a Korean man with his walking stick, a hispanic lady with her baby stroller, and one or two infrequent walkers/joggers. The new year changed that.

Now there are droves of well-meaning walkers working off that latest ten pounds. To me, its all just another reason to dislike New Year’s Resolutions… it crowds my walking trail. Normally, I wouldn’t care because I truly enjoy meeting new people. The problem is that many of them are also walking their dogs.

The dogs themselves are not the problems either… often it is uneducated owners that make Lou’s walk stressful. Attention Dog Owners!!! Dogs are very social animals and sniffing each other is a very important part of that socialization. Pulling your dog away and not letting them sniff each other tells each dog that the other does not want to be social and then the barking starts. You are teaching your dog to distrust and dislike other dogs.

Good dog owners will always be a welcome sight on “my” trail as it is an added treat to our walks. I will be happy when all my new pathmates inevitably break their resolutions, go back inside to watch Ellen, and leave us our peaceful morning walks.