Mike and I went to a Houston Social Gamesters event last night and had a great time. I have been a member of the group for about three years now and no matter how inclement the weather or how far I have to go, I faithfully attend about once a year 🙂 (they meet monthly and sometimes even more frequently so that tells you how bad I am when it comes to attendance.) I never fail to have a great time when I do make it out for a night of competition, strategy, good times, and of course… food.

The event was in the Sugarland/Richmond area and ran from 6PM to about 1AM and I think there were right at 20 people in attendance. Everyone brought something to eat and it was arranged on various counters – potluck style. After the eats, at least five tables filled with games and gamers. The first one I sat down to play was Escape from Atlantis. While it looked like a kiddy game, the playing pieces were deceiving as it was a pretty strategic game of kill or be killed. After that I moved to a different table for another game I had never heard of – Domaine. It too was a blast and involved an even higher level of strategy.

I think Mike had a good time and despite the fact that he didn’t get to play Age of Mythology (which he brought with,) it looks like he might be up for coming back to another one.

I have to thank Denise and everyone at Gamesters for their patience in allowing me to fit my attendance into a pretty tight schedule… it is great when a free day coincides with one of their events.