I may be jumping the gun here and people could be saying “I told you so” later, but for now this “icy sleet and freezing rain” has been kind of a non-event. When it does drizzle a bit, the temperature stays above freezing and when it finally dips a few degrees into the water-to-ice zone, there is no precipitation to freeze.

I did see the first signs of a possible icing this morning while walking Lou. (Last year he hated cold weather, for some reason he is all excited about going out in it this year.) We were walking down our now-deserted trail and when he detoured off to do his “bidness,” I noticed a crunching sound. Sure enough, if you look real close on the tiny clover leafs, you can see tiny droplets of ice.

I don’t think it will stop me from driving, I know trading in my truck for a car was a gamble when it comes to bad weather driving, but somehow I think the Focus will survive this round.