Early, early this morning I heard a crash in my attic. I couldn’t imagine what it was… the only thing that came to mind was that maybe Nardo got up there and fell down the heater/ac vent or something. After seeing Nardo relaxing peacefully, I decided I better investigate. When I opened up the door to the furnace, I immediately saw a piece of PVC pipe laying askew and not connected to anything. As I looked further, I saw the vent coming off the furnace that should be connected to the roof was also disconnected and laying on the side. That meant that my heater was venting into the house – sounds like a recipe for gas asphyxiation. (Remind me to tell you about my ski trip to Colorado when the entire hotel was gassed.)

I figured I better change my schedule and take care of it, so I cancelled my tire rotation, and called Dave. No, not so that he could come fix it, but as an insurance policy. The attic is a dangerous place with cramped quarters, nails sticking through the roof right at temple level, and very few solid 2x4s to stand on. I asked him to call me in an hour to make sure I didn’t fall through the sheetrock, get stuck in the brain with a nail, or gotten gassed.

toolsbrian.JPGTurns out, it was a pretty quick fix. In about 20 minutes, I had everything repaired, duct taped, and running smoothly. The interesting thing was that I found a BOATLOAD of tools up there. My nephew Brian who has a habit of not taking care of my tools was the last person in the attic. When he was staying at my house, I had him go up there with me to fix something. After it was fixed, I went down while he finished taping things up, cleaning, etc. I guess it was silly of me to assume he would bring the tools with him.

The good news is that I have several tools back in my toolbox, and that my pipes in the attic are fixed.