ceezcrackers1.jpgI am a huge fan of cheese… I literally could put it on anything I eat… and I have. I have tried it on some of the strangest things and of course all the old standbys. Cheese has never failed to add a bit of kick and flavor to my meals… so I ask you … why have cheese that doesn’t have zing? Isn’t American Cheese the most bland stuff ever?

Nothing beats extra sharp cheddar in my book, but I will take it all. Pepperjack adds a great zip to a turkey sandwhich, swiss gives ham new meaning, not to mention what mozzarella has done for Italian dishes the world over. But what about American? Don’t even start with the grilled cheese sandwhich. That little wonder takes on entirely new culinary meaning when made with a flavorful cheese.

Give it a try. The next time you are tempted to break out the Kraft American slices and add to your hot dog, burger, or (gasp) draped across french fries… reach for swiss, colby, pepperjack, or yes… extra sharp cheddar and see what a difference it makes.