Before I disconnect hte computer and pack for a very early depature in the morning, I thought I would post some of the latest pics. Eventually, I will post a bunch to my Flickr page, but for now, there are more here on the blog.

A self portrait taken outside our condo.

We were on the guest list for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding
Despite a lot of drunkedness and other hijinx, the couple had a great sendoff.

Ms. Rio Rita asked if she could take a picture with me…
Well, that’s the way I remember it.

I, of course, had to swing my Toby Keith’s joint and pick something up for my mom.
She is a huge TK fan.

While inside, I had to pick up something for myself as well.

I promise, I didn’t go see Celine Dion.

It wouldn’t be a complete visit without at least one geocache.
I found this one not far off the strip.

After watching the Blue Man Group at the Venetian, they came out to pose with fans.

Like I said, there are more pics and eventually they will make it to the flickr page. For now, it is 15 minutes until 2007 and I need to head out on the strip once again.

btw Happy belated-New Year to all my friends and family back in the earlier time zones!