Okay, so it was all a really stupid promotional gimmick for a really stupid television show… what is the underlying lesson here? I am sure that over the next few days and weeks, the message you will often hear will be how dumb it was for these guys to run this promotion. I think that is the wrong takeaway.

What about the paranoia of a nation that thinks everything is a bomb despite the fact that we have never had a “suspicious looking device” like this actually turn out to be a real bomb from a real terrorist group that did real damage? (Wow… how is that for the mother-of-all runon sentences (questions?))

What’s next? Is the NSA, Homeland Security, and CIA going to swoop in the next time I am out geocaching? Think about that. There are hundreds of thousands of these caches hidden across every state in the US – a large number of them in ammo cans. Will this activity be banned? Will you have to register hidden items with Homeland Security… or will sanity somehow be restored and our government officials and news media stop feeding us fear long enough for us to just live our lives?