brtcbadge.gifOkay music fans, everyone knows that you are the real power behind the “new” music industry and now is your chance to prove it.

On March 22nd, we are going to BUM RUSH THE CHARTS!! That’s right, the worldwide podcast community is going to flex our collective muscle and push Black Lab’s “Mine Again” to the top of the iTunes music chart!

How? Well, its super simple, on BRTC day your job is to purchase THIS TRACK and ONLY THIS TRACK. In addition to showing the world that “we the people” will no longer be held hostage to record industry insiders, we will be raising college scholarship money with the affiliate earnings.

Mark your calendar, save up your 99 cents, and BUM RUSH THE CHARTS on March 22nd! For more information, check out the links and stay tuned to all of the top podcasts for more information!