I sit here blogging at 1:18 AM because I have an appointment at 2:00 AM and needed something to kill the time. My circadian rhythms are taking a major hit the past few days.

My normal bedtime is around 1:00 AM and my normal morning starts around 7:30 AM. These six and a half hours of sleep a night are actually an increase from what they have been most of my adult life. I used to thrive on about five a night, but find six and a half much more doable the past year or so.

Thursday, I was up until around 1:00 AM just doing my typical stuff. Friday I woke up a bit earlier than usual, around 6:30 AM and started my day. Friday night ended up being a long one as I was covering the International Fight League (IFL) event at Reliant Arena. By the time the fights ended and the hour and a half press conference finished, I made it home around 2:00 AM. Because I knew I had to get up early on Saturday and head right out in the morning, I went ahead and did some work on the computer (real bright idea.) About 4:00 AM, I decided I better get some sleep because I had to be at the Berry Center at 8:00 AM for the Texas Copperheads football tryouts. I finished up there around 2PM, went home to eat, and decided to blow off my dog park meeting that was scheduled for 3:00 PM. Instead, I took a catnap (about 30 minutes) while watching TV.

The appointment I have setup for 2:00 AM is an interview with a musician in the UK (hence the weird time) that I plan to feature on tomorrow’s Pod Music Countdown. But, before you decide its all over and I can sleep all Sunday, it too is packed.

The Pod Music Countdown is played on several radio stations around the country and because of that, I am on a deadline. I have to get the show done before noon. The show takes about two and a half hours. That means that in order to get up, get dressed, walk Lou, edit tonight’s interview, start the show, and complete it all by noon, I have to wake up by around 7:00 AM. But it doesn’t end there – I am going to a Super Bowl party with the Copperheads team and as we all know… those things go all night. So after Sunday night, I will have averaged about four and a half hours of sleep in the previous four nights.

These weekends are rough – I’m ready for the work week to start so I can get some rest.