Its that time again… time to give you the real skinny on what to expect from some of the upcoming films. This, my friends, is the film gospel according to Chris… mark my words!

1 – Black Snake Moan – this one looks like too much fun… but then so did Snakes on a Plane. I am very hopeful though.

2 – Spider-Man 3 – This actually looks like the best of the three… and this is coming from a guy that hated the whole Venom storyline in the Spidey books. I saw a preview though.. and was sold on the fact that Marvel’s most successful comic-to-film franchise is going to live up to its predecessors.

3 – Resident Evil: Extinction – I know, I know… this is a total shocker. What can I say? I enjoy this franchise… its pure scifi schlock and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

4 – Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – I was really upset with the first Fantastic Four movie. They screwed with the storyline, they screwed with the characters, they screwed with the rules of making an interesting film. Add to that the fact that I have never liked the Silver Surfer character and what possible reason could I have for liking it? I don’t know… I think I was sold by the preview. The Silver Surfer looked amazing. I think the special effects will go a long way toward making this one watchable.

5 – 300 – This you can write down… 300 ROCKS!! The previews alone are so completely amazing that Dave mentions he even backs up the commercials on his DVR to watch them over and over. I saw the full theatrical trailer at the AMC last Saturday and was shocked at how great it looked.

6 & 7 – Grindhouse – Two full-length horror films combined into one great event! One directed by Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) and the other by Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror,) I can hardly wait!

8 – Wild Hogs – This one looks so bad that it isn’t worth the words I have used here.

9 – Zodiac – I absolutely love the whole story of the Zodiac Killer (ask me about my affinity toward serial killers some day) but I have heard that they totally screwed up the story. It sounds like their efforts to “hollywoodize” (did I just make up a term?) the real story, they ignored those little things called facts. I still have hope though.

10 – Shooter – It seems like after Mark Wahlberg makes a couple of great films, he finds one of those “cash in” scripts and turns out a piece of garbage. Welcome to garbage time. I remember this story when it was called Commando… or a hundred other “you were a great soldier… we need you back for one mission… or we’ll kill your family” films.