I have seen the worst blockbuster ever… and it is called King Kong. Yes, I knew it was going to suck from the very first preview. Yes, I decided right then and there to never watch it. What can I say? I was at Mike’s house waiting for his wife to return so we could take off and he was watching it. I only saw about 40 minutes of it, but was floored at just how bad it actually was.

kingwrong.jpgThere is no excuse for such retarded special effects when someone spends that much money to make a movie. Okay, even if you overlook the 10 minute dinosaur chase scene in which the greenscreen actors weren’t at all synched with the cgi dinos, and even if you overlook the crazy bug attack scene in which one idiot shoots bugs off another idiots body with a machine gun without so much as a scratch on the guy being eaten and shot at, and even if you overlook the horrible attempt to imbue Kong with human emotion through over exaggerated motions… there was NOTHING good about this film.

The script was worse than Eragon (trust me that is BAD.) The acting was not just bad, it was nonexistant. If you liked this film, you should be arrested by the Taste Police, it is people like you that allow them to keep making garbage like this. Booooo Hiss!

RATING 3 out of 10