peterpant605.jpgI am nearing the point of risking the salmonella. I love peanut butter and have a couple sandwiches a week, but this whole food poisoning thing has really screwed me over. My brand of choice is Peter Pan Extra Chunky and sure enough – the jar and a half I had at the house were from the tainted batch. Darn it, I ate half a jar without any ill effects – I’m still “strong like bull.” Now, I’m going on a week without my beloved peanut butter.

I went to the store looking for the new batch of Peter Pan, but the shelves were cleared out with only a note that said they were out because of the salmonella thing. I was jonesin’ for a PBJ so bought some JIF Crunchy – ugggh. This stuff tastes like a tub of margarine with peanut flavoring… its downright icky. If “choosy mothers choose JIF”… then well, I don’t know what that means… other than choosy mothers choose crud.

Only 80% of the people that got sick ate peanut butter… yet, they all drank water. How is it that Peter Pan is the culprit when ConAgro has found no traces of salmonella anywhere? I think they are being overly cautious… surely, my remaining Peter Pan is good – right?

What’s worse, a little salmonella or crappy peanut butter? I am going to have to give this one some thought.