Governor Rick Perry signed into a law an executive order that all girls entering the sixth grade must be vaccinated for the sexually transmitted virus (HPV) that can cause cervical cancer… what’s wrong with this picture?

Well, it could be that cervical cancer is NOT running rampant in Texas. Or it could be that Merck (the maker of the vaccine) has recently doubled its lobbying budget in Texas and has been paying for efforts to pass similar legislations in several other states. Or maybe, it was the $6,000 that Merck ‘donated’ directly to Governor Perry’s re-election campaign. Then again, it could just be a last ditch effort by Merck to counter the string of failures suffered when similar legislation failed in other states.

I, for one, think the law is wrong and the way in which Governor Perry went about passing it (through executive order) it underhanded. By issuing an executive order, Perry has bypassed political opposition, and more importantly – the input of the citizens that elected him.

PAY attention to the man behind the curtain!