Its a gorgeous day outside and in just a few minutes, I am going to be able to enjoy it. I just put the finishing touches on this week’s Pod Music Countdown (PMC Top 10.) I guess that isn’t entirely true… I have the windows and back door open, plus while the show was encoding and uploading, I snuck out a couple times. Long enough to snap some pics of the kiddos.

As you can see, Ginger is visiting again…
That is some serious hair… she is starting to look like an Ewok.

Of course Lou is always ready for his closeup…
…even when it does reveal his underbite.

The funny thing is that literally fifteen minutes after I snapped these, Ginger’s mom, Julie, left a voicemail pleading for me to put a picture of Ginger on the web. Great minds, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚