That’s right… I think I may have kicked the Twitter bug. If you don’t know what Twitter is, I suggest hitting the link as this post is not about that. Be warned though… it can getcha!

I think part of my cure was the fact that the Twitter site has been so incredibly slow over the past week, but part of it is because the “cool” wore off. Maybe its because I tend to go overboard with things and going overboard with Twitter can use up HUGE amounts of time. Regardless of why, I haven’t posted more than one or two items a day for the past several.

There are a few other things that made it not very useful. The postings ranged from silly, inane, comments that have nothing to do with the intent of the service to over-the-top detail about lives that I really didn’t want to know that well. Also, I am NOT a SMS user (phone text messages.) I am slow, the phone screws me up by trying to help me, and it seems ridiculous to text someone when I can call them on the same device that we are using to text. If someone was going to text me “CU at the pub on 8th ltr,” I would much rather have that person call me so we can talk… I prefer real interaction with inflection and tone.

I have to admit one of the appeals of Twitter is the “star gazing.” It is cool at times to watch the stellar bodies of geekdom as they go about their days. I am left with a few thoughts though… it seems like Leo Laporte‘s tweets often switch into “I gotta look cool” mode. Robert Scoble‘s entries, although entirely too numerous to think that they are caused by anything other than a deep-seated psychological issue, are informative and interesting to read. Jason Calacanis seems to be a little of both – when he’s good he’s real good… etc.

Heck, what do I know? After all, its just meta- or micro-blogging… they aren’t doing anything in 140 characters that I don’t do here every day. I think I’ll go tweet about this entry.