I love it when I get an injury… theres just something cool and manly about warm blood running down your arm or leg. Don’t get me wrong, I am not particularly into pain… actually, I am usually more injured than I realize because I have a pretty high pain threshold. But when you are out sweating in the sun, as I was today, and you look down and see your arm bleeding, it feels good to realize that you never noticed yourself getting cut at all.

cutmemickCIMG0005.JPGHow did I do it? I’m not sure. I was working on the fence gate to the back yard and certainly could have done it there between the broken slats, hauling off the gate, and all the rusty nails. Or, I could have done it while planting my tomatoes, peppers, or canteloup although I am not sure how. It was just cool looking down through strands of sweat-soaked hair and seeing the rivulets of blood running through caked-on potting soil and compost. I should have snapped the photo before I cleaned it up… it looked cooler.