Okay, everyone is all a-twitter about Twitter, so I figured I better check it out. The idea is that everyone on the service logs everything they are doing… then the reality-tv-voyeuristic crowd can watch what you really do each day. Sure, its a little weird, but most of the things we take for granted now started off as something a little weird.

For the record, I doubt I will be very good at keeping it updated as I prefer to do a full blog entry… hmmm, unless it can publish to my blog as well. (I’ll check on that later.) I also can’t see myself watching intently to see what my friends are doing each minute of the day.

Oh, and a side note, I thought it was weird that immediately when I finished the registration, I already had three “friends.” I know them so I guess that means you can place someone on your watch list even before they sign up… a little creepy. ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it – if you haven’t seen enough of my ramblings and want to see how my time is managed, feel free to add me to your watch list.