Bum Rush the Charts is over. How did we do?

* BumRushtheCharts.com blog: 16,815 visitors
* BRTC Buy Now Page: 11,676 visitors
Ranking in the iTunes Rock chart
* US: 67
* UK: 71
* Canada: 22
* Australia: 35
* Austria: 35
* Denmark: 40
* Finland: 42
* Germany: 13
* Ireland: 54
* Italy: 30
* Netherlands: 5
* New Zealand: 56
* Norway: 23
* Sweden: 9
* Switzerland: 42

BRTC was a HUGE success!! It was never about reaching #1… it was about flexing the muscle of the podcasting community. Think about it – our little experiment got coverage in Billboard, the BBC, the Washington Post, and dozens of other sources. We have shown that we ARE the face of new media. We have shown that we are an emerging force in the landscape and more importantly, we have shed some light on the distribution model of the recording industry. We have shown that we are perfectly capable of choosing our own music and that artists no longer need to sell their souls (ie their masters) to a label.

We done good people… we done real good!