A friend asked me the other day, “I saw you still had pictures and entries about old girlfriends on your blog – do you think that’s a good idea? What if a new girlfriend reads it?”

My immediate answer was the flippant one I use all the time, “Hey, I’m an open book,” but it got me to thinking about whether or not blogging habits affect a person. Stay with me here…

I have always been pretty adamant about not lying… but in a pinch, I would get around it by withholding information. I used to do things like dating a couple girls at the same time and when asked a question like, “what did you do last night?” I would respond “sat around watching TV” or whatever I did. What I failed to mention was who was sitting around watching TV with me.

The question is… Does blogging put it ALL out there and thus turn you into a more honest person? Or perhaps do bloggers still find themselves omitting key parts of blog entries that might embarrass or incriminate themselves? My guess is that it depends on who is doing the blogging. Personally, I can’t remember half the time if I blogged about something or was just telling a friend about an incident. If I were to change or enhance the story, the odds of me keeping different versions straight would be about nil.

In the end… I think I have grown beyond the need to make myself look good all the time and find that as often as not I am blogging about a faux pas rather than my latest daring exploit. Or then again… this could all just be designed to make myself look good.