I want to start things off with a film that had its moments, but in the end – fell way short. Smokin’ Aces had the promise of being one of those action-packed, tightly-woven, fun films. It was not even close. The film was really just a very bad ripoff of Pulp Fiction. It was written in the same style without the good story and good acting. It is films like this that make you appreciate Tarantino that much more.

Smokin_trailer_archive-01.jpgOh yeah, the one saving grace is that it features Ben Affleck‘s best acting ever… not the whole thing… just the part when he was laying dead on the ground and his killer was speaking for him while moving Affleck’s lips.

If you liked this one… congratulations – it must be nice to not require your films to make sense or be well made.

RATING 5 out of 10

The Ringer is quite possibly the worst movie I have seen in years. Don’t get me wrong… I love a good ‘tard joke, but this one goes waaaay overboard. Johnny Knoxville not only does a bad job in the role, but the whole story is just a ripoff of a South Park episode.

Even with the bad casting, worse acting, and horrible jokes, it could have been watchable if the story was better. It played something like a mix between an afterschool special and an episode of Jackass.

RATING 2 out of 10