planetearth24309_.jpgThe landmark BBC series Planet Earth is set to premiere in the US on Discovery Channel later this month. I am three episodes into the series and am blown away.

My first impression is that it was shot by Hollywood cinematographers as the visuals are amazing. This suspicion was well-founded as I discovered that for the first time in wildlife documentary filmmaking they did indeed use high-end Hollywood equipment and techniques. The wonder of our planet’s animal inhabitants are breathtaking when played against the grandeur of the scale and diversity of this incredible spinning blue globe we call Earth.

Five years of filmmaking, groundbreaking techniques, unparalleled coverage of the rarest of creatures on the globe, and a great job of tying it into compelling drama make this a must-see and for my money, a must-own. Imagine the most amazing coffee-table photo book and then put it in high-definition (HD) motion with the always wonderful David Attenborough.

The series debuts in the United States March 25th with the backing of eco-greenwashing champ General Electric, and while I don’t buy the premise that they do anything but create pollution, I am thankful for their efforts in bringing it to the American audience.